How We Give

How We Give at Sevenly

Sevenly was founded in 2011 with the mission of leading a generation toward generosity. Based on a simple, core belief that ‘People Matter,’ the Sevenly team activated the now global ‘cause art’ movement and started creating 7-day cause campaigns, inviting customers to purchase “advocacy art, apparel and accessories” that donate to non-profits. Each campaign and every product would also create conversations. Now widely recognized as one of the world's leading 'social good' companies, Sevenly activates its signature 7-Day Campaigns and curates ongoing, cause-themed Collections created to change lives by raising funding, awareness and followers for the world’s greatest causes.

  • Sevenly’s Model

    Sevenly mobilizes charity-themed campaigns so that people like you can show that People Matter – as we together raise funding, awareness and followers for the world’s greatest causes. We commission ‘cause art’ from artists worldwide that celebrates the work of selected non-profits, sell products that give back, and promote stories of encouragement to people!

  • Sevenly’s Products

    Sevenly is the world’s leading provider of “advocacy apparel and accessories.” We are outfitters for world changers. All of our products represent our commitment to what it is to be an ethical brand. Everything we make is made to order – and whether a shirt or hoodie, an inspiring print, a sticker, a journal, a piece of crafted jewelry, our products create conversations!

  • Sevenly’s Big Give

    Sevenly has given away nearly $5 million in five years, plus many thousands of donated products and volunteer hours, and literally billions of free media impressions to causes big and small that are fighting for a better world. Sevenly makes a pledge of $7 per purchase in its 7-Day Campaigns and 7% for its cause-themed Collections to selected non-profits.



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