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About The Art

In the U.S. today there are 36 million adults who can only read at the level of a third grader. Forty-three percent of adults facing this issue live in extreme poverty, and low literacy limits opportunities that many of us take for granted. Everyday tasks such as navigating your neighborhood, reading medication labels, and reading to your child would be impossible if you did not have well-developed literacy skills. This design helps support The Little Free Library to combat illiteracy by increasing access to local, free books.

About the Item

Mens Poly Cotton Crew

You can't go wrong with this classic red tee, featuring a well-worn feel and a slim fit.

Material: 65% poly 35% cotton

Care Instructions: Wash cold - Dry cool

Size Chart

Small Medium Large X Large XX Large
Chest/in 36" 40" 44" 48" 52"
Waist/in 36.5" 40.5" 44.5" 48.5" 52.5"
Length/in 27.5" 28.5" 29.5" 30.5" 31.5"




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