The Problem

In the Philippines, children face difficult challenges just to be able to go to school. Some children have to swim to school with their school bags and uniforms getting wet in the process, others don't have even the option to attend at all as they live too far away or are forced to work to help their families survive.

The Solution Offered by Yellow Boat of Hope

The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation started when the founders learned that there are children in the south of the Philippines who have to swim to school. Drawing inspiration from the concept of the classic yellow school bus, the idea of the yellow school boat was born. But the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation didn't stop there. Today, they are building classrooms and schools, dormitories that serve as halfway houses, childcare facilities, and other structures to ensure no child is left behind. Your purchase from this collection will support their efforts to help children in the Philippines get the education they deserve!

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Yellow Boat of Hope

The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation helps children in the Philippines get safely to school on big yellow boats, so that they do not have to swim through dangerous waters to receive an education. By building boats, dormitories, child care centers, and schools, they are doing the essential work to make education accessible for everyone.