One Simple Wish meets the needs of children in foster care every day, in incredibly important ways. Learn about what your Gift Certificate purchase means in the life of a foster child this holiday by selecting your coupon below. And thanks for being the change we all want to see in the world! #becausepeoplematter

Imagine one day being taken away from everything familiar. Each year over 400,000 kids know that feeling all too well when they enter foster care, often moving from place to place without much notice. When 12 year-old Jayla came to One Simple Wish on a recent summer night, she had just been removed from her 4th foster home of the year. It was late and she arrived with nothing but the clothes she was wearing and a few more in a backpack. She was tired and weary but her eyes lit up when she received her We Care Kit filled with everything she would need to feel a bit more comfortable in her next home. She especially loved the scented body wash and bright pink loofah! But the best part? Tucked inside her bag was an "I Wish For You" card, made just for her. That sweet note was the encouragement she needed to stay strong and remember how many people are out there sending her love.

The holidays are such a magical time of year! Gathering with friends and family, writing letters to Santa and decorating the house all in anticipation for Christmas morning. But for many kids in foster care, the holidays can be a lonely and difficult time. When 9 year-old Makayla sent in her wish for a new bike last year she didn't think it could actually come true. But right before Christmas, it did! In her thank you note she told us that the best part wasn't the bike itself but knowing that someone out there, someone she didn't even know, took the time to show her such kindness. This year One Simple Wish will grant over 2,000 special holiday wishes for kids just like Mikayla thanks to you!

It can be easy to take simple pleasures, like going to the movies, for granted. For most of us, going to the movies is as simple as gathering a few friends and heading out the door. But for kids in foster care, especially those in group homes, having the money to go to the movies can be a pretty big deal. At 14 years old, Nathan had been living in group homes for many years. He had become used to not being able to have his friends come over and got quite good at making up excuses for why he couldn't go out with friends. So he made a wish for movie tickets through One Simple Wish. After his wish was granted and he was able to just gather a few friends and head to the movies, he said the best part was feeling like a normal kid again.

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