Introducing The New Look Of Giving - "Living 24/Sevenly"

For the last three years, our team has been focused and dedicated to developing innovating ways to raise funds and awareness for the world's greatest causes. Through that time with your help and support, we have raised almost $4,000,000 in $7 donations, helped over 100 charities have a voice, and changed more than 1,000,000 individuals' lives around the world.

...well, the time is here to change the way we change the world.

Today, we are announcing the new look and standard for giving at Sevenly. Our team has been working long and hard to develop a unique and crafted way for you to shine the light on the world's greatest causes whenever you want. We have heard your feedback, your inspiring support, and your passion for being a part of world change. So, we have developed three new ways for you to feel even more connected to the effect we as a Sevenly community make daily around the globe. 

1. Support The Causes You Love Everyday - Everyday? You don't believe it? We mean it! You now can shop campaigns past the 7 day "Featured Campaign" of the week. So, we mean that if you see that amazing "BeYOUtiful" shirt on your friend and you wanted to wear it at the next "Take Back The Night" walk, you can now jump on our site and buy it instantly. Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Family Reunions, Walks, Runs, can shop Sevenly whenever you want and every shirt you purchase from us will always donate to the designated charity. We want you to join us in "Living Life 24/Sevenly." Give Good Every Day!

2. Enhanced Customer Experience - "People Still Matter" - In order to support all of our new orders that will come around the clock from every part of the globe, we have added to our Customer Support team and they are trained and ready to serve you in real time response. We are enabling live chat support during business hours, so that you can talk directly to our team to get that exact fit, right shipment time, or correct any typo errors that might have happened because you were just so excited to get your brand new items. Our motto is "People Matter," and being able to connect with our community and get you exactly what you need, when you want it, is our commitment to you. 

3. Instant Impact and Social Change - Now, this is almost our biggest announcement! Since Sevenly began, we have had to wait to print our shirts until after the 7-day campaign closed. Wait no more friends! Sevenly has developed a new system and process that allows us to receive your order, custom print your shirt, package and ship it before the week is over! So, now, you can purchase a "Featured Campaign" shirt and receive it in time to post, share, tweet, pin, or smoke signal to all your friends to join you in raising funds and awareness for that week's great cause. 

These are just a few of the new enhancements we have created just for you, our world changers! Take a look around our new site experience and help us hit our goal of $10,000,000 raised by 2020. Become a part of the change you want to see in the world! 

With Love & Gratitude, 

Your Sevenly Family