The Problem

Students who get music education receive many benefits including higher graduation rates, lower substance use, enhanced critical thinking skills, better ability to focus, and larger vocabularies than students who receive no music education. Despite all these benefits, music education is in constant danger of being cut from schools across America. This means students will miss out on the educational and personal benefits of music, as well as the joy that comes from creative expression.

The Solution Offered by The Young Americans

This week Sevenly is partnering with The Young Americans, an arts education nonprofit that uses music as a vehicle to create positive change. Through their Music Education Program, they encourage music in schools around the world by leading three day workshops that train young people in vocal techniques, dance, lighting, sound, and improvisation. By touring the world with these workshops, YA uses music education to create cultural exchange and understanding that unites young people from diverse backgrounds.


The Young Americans

The Young Americans is a charity working to promote understanding and goodwill among people throughout the world by using music, dance, performance, and academic education as a means of creating lasting connections.