The "Spread The Love" Campaign is about five social good brands coming together to celebrate love, people, and change. Inspired by the belief that we are better together, Krochet Kids Intl., Sackcloth & Ashes, Sevenly, The Giving Keys and TOMS created a collaboration that reaches farther than any one of them could individually.

Southern California-based photographer Sammy Cosa from Closer To Love Photography donated his time and captured beautiful imagery that celebrates each brand and what they stand for. The photoshoot took place at a one-of-a-kind location: Salvation Mountain in Niland, CA - a fitting backdrop for this special occasion. The result? A Valentine’s Day-themed lookbook featuring apparel, shoes, and accessories from five leading social good brands that will help introduce the brands to new audiences and certainly inspire those looking to discover products that give back.

A collaboration to say YES we know about each other and NO we are not competitors. We are co-joiners in world change! We have come together to show you that we all should unite for one purpose: to change the world we live in. If you agree, spread the love this Valentine’s Day season by sharing a post, pinning a photo, or liking an image on Instagram. Help us make the largest impact this holiday season and spread awareness about the good these brands are doing around the globe. #becauseloveunites”

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