Operations Coordinator Job Description

Title: Operations Coordinator
Status: Full-time, non-exempt
Location: Fullerton, CA
Compensation: DOE + benefits


The Sevenly team is seeking someone to tame, saddle, and ride the organization’s supply chain, with the goal of increasing stability, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and end quality. Much of the heavy lifting in overhauling Sevenly’s supply chain has already occurred, but there is still great work left to do. Specifically, the Operations Coordinator role involves managing order data and backend platforms (Shopify, Shopify apps, Duoplane, ShipStation, S3, etc.) and working directly with fulfillment partners (printers, product vendors, shipping agencies, internal teams, etc.). We want someone who’s going to help change the world and give supporters a top-flight experience.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the flow of order data from Sevenly’s revenue channels; ensure accuracy, sort and route accordingly, all with an eye on customer and vendor service level agreements
  • Manage Sevenly’s operational vendor partnerships: printers, product vendors, shipping agencies, etc.; ensure it all works seamlessly and look for optimization opportunities
  • Manage and provide support for Sevenly’s backend platforms: Shopify, Shopify apps, Duoplane, ShipStation, S3, etc.; build necessary processes and resolve potential issues
  • Develop SOPs that shrink shipping times (while preserving margin) and ensure/elevate product quality and customer experience; place sample orders and perform quality checks
  • Regularly conduct data analysis and report on supply chain performance; evaluate SLAs and KPIs, identify patterns and indicators, complete special reports, as requested

Role Qualifications:

  • Ability to expertly manage data (especially order information), including: analyzing, sorting, routing, funneling data through platforms, and ensuring absolute accuracy
  • Great interpersonal, communication, and relational skills; the candidate needs to work exceptionally well with a variety of teams, partners, vendors, customers, etc.
  • Elite technical capability to manage Sevenly’s backend platforms: Shopify, Shopify apps, Duoplane, ShipStation, S3, etc.; ensure seamless operation, optimize, and resolve issues
  • Ability to recall, retrieve, and communicate detailed and technical information clearly, accurately, and concisely and to a non-technical audience, including team members
  • Ability to perform routine, repetitive tasks accurately; ability to maintain records and files for easy access and retrieval; ability to anticipate and quickly resolve to problems
  • Candidate should be extremely organized, a technical whiz, adaptable while being able to implement and maintain structure, excellent under pressure, and a great team player
  • True passion to make this world a brighter and more beautiful place and help people

To Apply:

Please email your cover letter and résumé to careers@sevenly.org. Please include the job title ‘Operations Coordinator’ in the subject line.