Introducing Sevenly Foundation

October 1, 2015

The Sevenly Foundation, inspired by the mission and work of Sevenly, Inc., announced today that is has been approved as a public, 501(c)3 charity to help raise funding and awareness for the world’s greatest causes.

The Sevenly Foundation will work with other non-profit organizations as well as individual donors and corporate partners to activate donor and awareness initiatives organized around selected charity themes, including adoption and foster care, food security, and human trafficking.

Sevenly, Inc. has been celebrated for its innovation in using social media to promote a new merchandise category called “cause art.” Last year, Sevenly was named “One of the Top 10 Stories in the First 10 Years of Facebook,” and was voted the most social small business in America by Mashable.

The Foundation has already announced initial grants to several charities, and through the end of 2015, the Foundation’s Board has committed to granting 100% of its third party donations to the charity partners it supports. It will also work to activate matching gift partnerships to multiply the impact of gifts made.

In addition, The Sevenly Foundation will identify specific projects that bring together the complementary work of a number of non-profit organization that ordinarily do not work together to amplify a shared concern and opportunity for impact.