The Problem

As shocking as it may seem, dolphins around the world are being killed for food, for shark and fishing bait, and for profit. They are suffering in captivity in countries everywhere, often in degraded tanks no bigger than swimming pools. In Taiji, Japan, hundreds of dolphins each year are driven into a cove where the best “show quality” animals are separated from their families and trained for a life in captivity. The rest are often killed in ways that are blatantly cruel. The captivity industry, while seemingly benign when compared with the slaughters, in fact subsidizes this horrific killing by paying the hunters excessive sums for captive live dolphins. Ending dolphin captivity is one of the keys to stopping the slaughters for good.

The Solution Offered by Save Japan Dolphins

Your purchase will help put a permanent end to the Taiji dolphin slaughter, exploitation and abuse. Save Japan Dolphins works with grassroots activists, governments and organizations around the world to shut down existing captivity facilities and prevent the opening of new ones. They work with the citizens of Japan to build an anti-captivity and anti-slaughter movement there. They reduce demand for dolphins as food by raising awareness of the toxicity contained within the meat. They put pressure on major corporations that benefit from the lives of dolphins. While the hunts continue, the dolphin kill in Taiji has declined from 1,600 in 2004 to about 750 last season, the result of a collective worldwide effort to end the cruelty for good.

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Shop the Designs Below to Support the Cause

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Save Japan Dolphins

Save Japan Dolphins is a campaign to protect dolphins & whales in Japan and around the world.