The Problem

In harsh conditions such as those in refugee camps, war zones, and in the wake of a natural disaster, kids struggle to keep a basic sense of normalcy in their lives. In situations like these, kids often can’t go to school, live in their homes, or spend their days playing with friends. Every child deserves to experience the carefree innocence of childhood, but all too often, global and environmental factors make this impossible.

The Solution Offered by One World Play Project

One World Play Project believes the power of play can change the world. They have created an ultra-durable soccer ball, so kids can connect and play together even in the harshest conditions and toughest times. Play is a truly powerful force that heals and rebuilds communities devastated by war, disaster, disease and poverty. Through play, One World Play Project helps communities around the world to thrive. Let’s help them make it happen!

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One World Play Project

Founded in 2010, One World Play Project exists to turn the world into a field of play. Motivated by the children around the world who are forced to play with whatever they can find, One World Play Project created an ultra-durable ball—the One World Futbol—to bring the transformative power of play to the hundreds of millions of youth who don’t even have something as simple as a ball.