The Problem

Gendercide is defined as the systematic elimination of a gender, typically tied to cultural reasons, such as a social preference for males, financial strain, or superstition. In India, approximately 5 million female fetuses are aborted each year. Additionally, 1.5 million baby girls die before their 1st birthday, many of them are killed at birth, thrown into rivers, strangled or left in garbage dumps.

The Solution Offered by invisible Girl Project

Your support will help provide food, medical aid and protection to a young girl who is at risk of being abandoned or killed in India. Your support will not only rescue a little girl and help her mother keep and care for her, but also serves to restore the value of girls in the eyes of the community.

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Shop the Designs Below to Support the Cause

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Invisible Girl Project

To end gendercide in India, and to increase the perceived value of girls and women in Indian culture.