The Problem

Every single child in our world is born with potential to not only survive, but also thrive. However, for over 60 million of these children, that opportunity is almost impossible. They have no access to a basic education. This is one of the most significant and solvable human rights issues of our time. Poverty, disease, environmental destruction, and war are all proven to decrease when the number of youth attending and excelling in school increases. Imagine our world with every child able to go to school for free. To achieve his or her dreams. To make our world an even better place.

The Solution Offered by the documentary “IMBA MEANS SING” and the African Children's Choir

The GRAMMY-nominated African Children's Choir lifts kids out of extreme poverty and the inability to attend school by sending them on a world tour to raise support for their education through college. While on tour these children are also able to help change people's perceptions of Africa and prove that children there have dignity, beauty, and hope. IMBA MEANS SING is a documentary feature film that follows the story of three of these Choir children. Moses hopes to be a pilot, Nina a pediatrician, and Angel the first female President of Uganda! 100% of filmmaker profits are being donated to build a secondary school in Uganda so more children like Moses, Nina, and Angel can continue with their schooling and go on to chase their ambitious dreams. Watch IMBA MEANS SING today on iTunes.



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Imba Means Sing and the African Children's Choir

The African Children’s Choir helps Africa’s most vulnerable children today so they can help Africa tomorrow. IMBA MEANS SING is the first and only documentary to profile the African Children’s Choir. To learn more, go to