How We Work

How We Work

Sevenly knows that being a “give back” brand means more than raising funding, awareness and followers for great causes. It’s about how we do what we do, day after day, in creating the products that we create for people. In today's growing “social good” marketplace, many times the labeling things as "ethical brands" should come into question – like the way some food companies tag things as “all natural” when, in fact, they are not.

In today's growing “social good” marketplace, many times the labeling things as "ethical brands" should come into question, like the way some food companies tag things as “all natural” when they, in fact, are not.

Sevenly products are "fair trade", "slave labor free", and "child labor free." The United States Department of Labor explains that, "the Fair Trade program is primarily aimed at ensuring a 'fair' price for producers at the bottom of the supply chain, but producers must also meet child labor, forced labor and other labor standards in order to earn the 'Fair Trade' label." Therefore, when Sevenly commits to sourcing only Fair Trade products, we are committed to eliminating all forms of slave labor and sweatshop practices in our supply chain.

More broad terms such as "ethically sourced" encompass a variety of characteristics. On top of fairness to humanity, ethically sourced can also imply the use of sustainable and/or organic materials that are not harmful to the environment. While there are not currently any governmental certifications for these categories, reducing negative environmental impacts in the way we do what we do is a priority at Sevenly. A recent decision to use only recycled AND re-usable packaging in the processing of all our orders reflects this values commitment. Sevenly management ensures that each one of its "advocacy apparel" items are printed on tag-less fabric blocks, our journals are made with re-claimed paper, and so on.

Flagship brands in the ethical fashion space like Sevenly face nuanced as well as direct challenges. Because of Sevenly's involvement in the non-profit sector, as a give back brand, the company has a clearly stated commitment to "social good" outcomes. There are aspects of the social good equation that are less obvious, though. Sevenly's products are fulfilled, for example, by a for-benefit company, Doing Good Works, which helps employ and mentor kids coming through the foster care system. Customer support has been provided in partnership with CANTY, a social good company committed to helping women escape trafficking.

Sevenly takes pride in continuing to make these kinds of decisions that demonstrate a commitment to continuous, incremental improvement -- what the Japanese call Kaizen. Indeed, the process of cultivating an ethical brand is ongoing, and involves an ongoing analysis of all aspects of the business.

Because the world needs more “Kaizen for Good.”

Please let us know if you have any ideas for how we can do better in being a brand that you want to champion by contacting us at With love and passion – Your friends at Sevenly.


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