How Sevenly Works

PARTNERS with Great Cause

As we move through each week of the year, Sevenly’s supporters team up to help bring funding and awareness to some of the world’s most important causes. We commission the creation of Cause Art that celebrates the work of these charitable partners in the world.


Sevenly's fashion-forward products feature art connected to a cause, designed to create conversations. Proceeds from the sales of each product are pledged to the non-profit orgs we spotlight. Since its founding, Sevenly has raised more than $7 million (directly and with our match partners, like The Starbucks Foundation)!

Change LIVES

In addition to the millions of dollars we've raised, we've raised awareness for great causes by creating literally billions of media impressions to promote good work in the world. The reason all that matters is because #PeopleMatter. We've been blessed to touch millions of lives along the way, thanks to community members and customers like you -- what a joy it's been to help care for people who need to feel love in action on their behalf!


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