The Problem

Many African countries have suffered devastating civil wars induced by rebels’ desire to control diamond mines. Most notably, Sierra Leone broke out into a bloody civil war from 1991 to 2002 that left hundreds of thousands of people displaced, raped, mutilated, or killed. Despite many positive developments in Sierra Leone since then, the victims of the civil war still need assistance.

The Solution Offered by Hands For Africa

Helping to fulfill the most basic needs, Hands for Africa has implemented a Prosthetics and Rehabilitation program to provide prosthetic limbs to adults and children who have been maimed by machetes or explosive devices. Your purchase will not only provide prosthetics, but also training and rehabilitation to help these victims become accustomed to their new prosthetics. With your help we can restore the lives and hopes of children and adults in Sierra Leone.

Shop the Designs Below to Support the Cause


Shop the Designs Below to Support the Cause