The Problem

Hunger hurts one out of every seven children. In America and around the world, children who face hunger are more likely to develop serious long-term health issues, and less likely to do well in school. An empty stomach means a malnourished body and an unfocused mind, and kids who don’t have enough to eat are probably lacking other basic necessities as well.

The Solution Offered by Feed the Children

This week, Sevenly is partnering with Feed the Children to support hungry kids in the U.S., and all over the world. Feed the Children fills backpacks with school supplies, personal care items, and food, distributing them to kids who would otherwise have empty stomachs and lockers. When students don’t have to worry about these basic necessities, they can focus on what really matters: getting an education and being a kid! Feed the Children’s international programs provide nourishing meals to close to 263,000 children every school day. In fiscal year 2014, the organization distributed over $78 million in food, other essentials, educational supplies, and medicine to children worldwide. In fiscal year 2014, Feed the Children sponsored over 11,500 children, addressing the root causes of poverty through child sponsorship, school sponsorship, and other projects.

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Feed the Children

Providing hope and resources for those without life’s essentials. To donate directly to Feed the Children, visit their website