Stand For The Silent

The Problem

Ty was small for his age and was called hurtful names like “shrimp” or “tiny Tim” while being shoved into a locker by bullies. Even though Ty loved to learn, he hated to go to school because of situations like these. Ty was called ruthless names, physically tortured, and was outcast by his peers. The sad fact is that Ty is just 1 in 13 million kids that will be bullied this year in the U.S. Often times, the result of being bullied is dropping out of school, depression, anxiety disorder, and suicidal thoughts. Words and physical abuse hurt Ty so deep, he took his own life at age 11.

The Solution Offered by Stand For The Silent

With your support, we are helping to end bullying. Your purchase will enable Stand For The Silent to educate and rally students to run anti-bullying initiatives. These students will no longer stand for their peers to suffer at the hands of a bully by joining together in a school wide pledge against bullying behavior.

Shop the Designs Below to Support the Cause


Shop the Designs Below to Support the Cause