The Problem

Pets are the most loving creatures in the world, but sadly, not every pet has a loving home. In America, an average of 7.6 million pets enter shelters each year. These high numbers of homeless animals puts quite a bit of pressure on shelters, and they simply can’t meet the demands. This results in euthanasia for 31% of stray dogs and 41% of stray cats. These deaths are senseless, and innocent animals deserve to be cared for, not to have their lives cut short.

The Solution Offered by Barks of Love

This week, Sevenly is working with Barks of Love, a match-making dog rescue that specializes in placing the perfect dog with the perfect person. Their foster system ensures that while they’re waiting to be adopted, dogs are placed in loving homes. Even after being matched with the right family, Barks of Love keeps in touch with the dog’s new owner.

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Barks Of Love

Barks of Love is an all-breed dog rescue in California that is committed to match-making the perfect dogs with their perfect families. They are foster based, so all of the dogs in their care will be paired with the right family for them.