THEN ATHENS Mens Grey Premium Fitted Tee

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How do nations die? When people think that freedom is the freedom from responsibility, the freedom from duty to serve in the interest of others.

Historian Edith Hamilton's classic quote about the fall of Athens tells the story. Now we've released this epic design, with permission, by an American artist wishing to remain anonymous.

What a great challenge statement on Independence Day. Or any day.

Why all the effort? To help you stand strong and courageous, with Freedom's fighters across the Ages. And to help someone who paid a hard price so we can be free.

*This design was inspired by fallen Army Ranger Joshua P. Rodgers and his family, who have been patrons of our Military Service Collection.

This classic crew neck t-shirt has a modern relaxed fit and is soft to the touch. It is easy and comfortable to wear for any occasion.

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