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Torunn Lee

Teaming up with one of the world's leading 'social good' company @sevenly over the past five years they have raised over $4 million & touched nearly 2 million lives!!! here's how it works: every item that's sold Sevenly donates 7% back to their foundation, which in turn processes 100% of that toward various non-profit partners •• the shirt I'm wearing supports American Red Cross

Teen Vogue #2 Pick

Sevenly believes, over anything, that “People Matter,” and they put their money where their mouth is. The company commissions “cause art” that celebrates its charitable partners, and features specific charities for its 7-day cause campaigns. But you can shop for pieces connected to a variety of causes on any day. For any items sold that are associated with a specific charity, Sevenly will donate either $7 or 7% directly to that charity…. Among those partners is the National Park Foundation.

Jen Schmidt

My nephew Edison Mateo rocks his “Family Is More than Blood” shirt from @Sevenly. I was adopted, too – so the fact that proceeds from these shirts go to Show Hope and their adoption work make it a great gift that gives!

Evelyn Monestina

Love companies that change lives and bring awareness and funding to the worlds great causes. @sevenly has so many cute shirts plus they donate to non-profits of your choosing. Be sure to check them out and grab a shirt 😘 // #sevenly #peoplematter

Kristin Davis

Wanna know something cool about this Fighting Tiger tank from @sevenly...beside the fact that it's super soft and super awesome? Proceeds from the sales of this tank are donated to help fight cancer! …Plus, it’s crazy soft! So there’s another benefit for you!

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