Sevenly Weekly Cause Partner Fundal Sevenly.org 

Sevenly is pleased to announce a brand new, international cause partner, FUNDAL.  FUNDAL is a private, nonprofit Guatemalan organization that has been dedicated to education with a focus on rights for babies, children, children and young people with deafblindness and multiple disabilities since 1998.

FUNDAL is dedicated to people with deafblindness and multiple disabilities who have often been deprived of the opportunity to develop to their full potential and take their place as active members of society. FUNDAL is recognized nationally and internationally as a training center.

Through their educational Centers in Guatemala, Quetzaltenango, and Huehuetenango, and the support program for the interior of the country, students and their families are oriented in learning activities that, without sight and hearing, would seem impossible to perform; using touch and the rest of their senses to create communication tools that allow them to reach their full potential and independence.


We are excited to collaborate with this world-changing organization this week! Visit their collection and shop the products that we have assigned to donate 7% to their cause. If this charity is close to your heart, you will also love the new products that we have created with their logo. Don’t wait to support them because this promotion ends on February 16th!

(To Learn More About The Amazing Work FUNDAL Is Doing, Check Out Our Blog HERE.)