Start World Change - Women's Premium Slouchy Short Sleeve V-Neck Graphic Tee


About the Art

May The 4th Be With You... This art is inspired by the FORCE within each of us to Change the World.  It penetrates us and binds us; may it be with us, always. 

About the Cause

The fact slavery still exists, that people traffic other people like livestock, is an atrocity of the highest magnitude. We must stop it! we must unite behind this cause and bring this to an end worldwide!

The only way we can achieve his is if you begin your journey to becoming a World Changer.

You can start here, if you would like, with one of our powerful graphic tee-shirts or hoodies. Which are more than simple everyday clothing, they are messages crafted by fellow World Changers to achieve awareness, and garner support for causes you feel are worthy of your support.

About the Item

This tee is for every woman who loves her v-necks a bit looser. Made from premium poly-viscose for a luxe feel you'll enjoy over and over again. The simple and powerful words will leave everyone around you inspired! Team up with Sevenly and become a World-Changer!

About the Fabric

Poly-Viscose(65% poly 35% viscose),  super soft and lightweight. Our Viscose fabric is manufactured from plant-based cellulose material (woody plants, such as trees and bamboo).  We choose Poly/Viscose blends for our many of our more flowy tops because It is the ideal breathable, flowy, highly absorbent fabric that does not trap body heat. In addition to the fantastic look and feel of this yarn, viscose is made from renewable plants and is an environmentally friendly fabric, particularly with the bamboo we choose as its source.

A Portion Of Proceeds Go The Cause Of Your Choice... Thank You For Being A WORLD CHANGER!