For every purchase we give $7 to this week’s charity.

One design. One week. One cause.


$18,942 Donated

Heifer International

$13,377 Donated


$21,210 Donated

Jessie Rees Foundation

$51,016 Donated

Compassion International

$10,521 Donated

Show Hope

$7,798 Donated

Thirst Relief International

$10,815 Donated


$8,008 Donated

Sheltering Wings

$15,239 Donated

Mercy Ships

$13,769 Donated

Love Without Boundaries

$17,864 Donated

World Relief

$5,271 Donated

Relief International

$11,284 Donated

Opportunity International

$3,430 Donated


$5,985 Donated

Autism Speaks

$22,855 Donated

Somaly Mam Foundation

$14,812 Donated

Living Water International

$7,322 Donated

Freely In Hope

$3,486 Donated

Feed My Starving Children

$6,398 Donated

The Voice Project

$6,188 Donated

The Girl Effect

$8,218 Donated

Sevenly 7 Days Of Christmas

$17,339 Donated

Pencils of Promise

$9,884 Donated

Drop in the Bucket

$4,774 Donated

War Child

$6,664 Donated


$16,450 Donated

CURE Childhood Cancer

$7,266 Donated


$5,089 Donated

Nuru International

$5,537 Donated

Compassion International

$5,012 Donated

Convoy of Hope

$5,558 Donated

Breast Cancer Foundation

$4,718 Donated

Not For Sale

$10,731 Donated

$4,970 Donated

Soles 4 Souls

$5,432 Donated

Opportunity International

$1,410 Donated

Malaria No More

$3,913 Donated

LOVE 146

$3,486 Donated

Thirst Relief

$2,548 Donated

Mercy Ships

$8,624 Donated

Plant With Purpose

$2,625 Donated

World Relief

$3,416 Donated

Hope International

$2,583 Donated

Living Water Intl.

$3,549 Donated

Free Wheelchair Mission

$1,900 Donated

International Justice Mission

$6,125 Donated

"Create[ed] a business that could raise money and awareness for a variety of charities." "Sevenly is bringing social good to online shopping." "An excellent execution. Sevenly has its act together. It's transparent and data-driven, and it employs great design." "Several tweaks to the clothes-for-good business model make Sevenly stand out."