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This Week's Charity

The Sheepfold

The Problem

Every 15 seconds a woman is assaulted in her home, including physical, sexual, and mental abuse from the person closest to her. Not only do the children witness their mothers being attacked by the men in their lives, but 50% of men who abuse women also abuse the children. Many times the lives of these women and children are threatened if they try to leave.

The Solution

This week your support will help place an abused mother and her children in a home where they will live safe and independent from their abuser. They will be provided with clothing, food, and counseling to help regain strength and restore their freedom.

About The Charity

The Sheepfold helps mothers and children suffering from domestic abuse by providing independent living and hope for the future so they can live independently, free from their abuser.

Campaign Styles

1 in 4 women will experience some form of domestic violence in their lives in the U.S.