How To Help Sevenly Donate Face Masks

World-changers, at Sevenly, we want to pause and take a few minutes to explain why we are making masks available on our site. This is a controversial topic and we have been doing our best to answer each one of you individually. Our hope is that this post will provide facts and answer your questions.

First, we must explain that we don't own the masks that we have been able to make available. Rather, we are trying to connect medical staff and first responders such as yourself to our contacts that can provide masks.  

We are finding that there are shortages all across the country and we want to help save lives. It has always been our mission to connect people with ways to help! The most obvious shortages are occurring in hospitals but let’s also consider midwives, home healthcare workers, or others like medical delivery persons who do not belong to large organizations. These brave people need masks and do not have anyone working to find and distribute them on their behalf. 

We are not profiting from these masks AT ALL.  Since we don’t own any stock of masks, we do not have any to donate. Instead, we are using our proceeds of these and other Sevenly sales to donate masks in our area. Our suppliers are helping governors and hospitals, medical staff and first responders.  

Yesterday alone, we answered over a hundred emails from non-profits and hospitals, connecting them to the suppliers who can help now. 

We are also providing you a way to help. You can contact your local hospitals and first responders to either donate directly or connect them to this resource. If there are shortages in your area and you are able, we are asking you to buy them from the suppliers we are connecting you too and donate them along with us to your local hospitals or others on the front lines. Alone, we can only help a small portion so we are asking you to get active to help solve the crisis with us. 

If you would like us to connect your local hospital with our suppliers, email us at wholesale@sevenly.org and we will answer promptly, or you can get masks from us at our direct cost now.   We are trying to help save lives, not profit. Thank you for all you are doing!

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