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As part of a commitment to supporting our communities, The Starbucks Foundation is proud to partner with SGN to help you do even more good. You pick the charity you’d like to support and 100% of proceeds from your purchase will be donated. To double your impact, The Starbucks Foundation will match donations – up to $1 million – to charities driving relief efforts in communities around the world impacted by COVID-19, including:

       Direct Relief
       World Central Kitchen 
       First Nations Fund (PPE Distributed Through Direct Relief)


In addition to donations from SGN Store purchases, some have inquired about bulk order donations. Please contact our SGN Store Concierge by emailing us at to get information about special orders from the SGN Store in support of the causes listed above.

Combining SGN’s spotlight on the power of the human spirit to do good during tough times and The Starbucks Foundation’s mission to strengthen humanity, we invite you to join us in supporting communities. Together, we can help make "some good news" happen for a lot of people!


The Starbucks Foundation

The Starbucks Foundation strengthens humanity by transforming lives across the world, with a focus on enabling community resiliency and prosperity and uplifting communities affected by the disaster. Established in 1997, The Starbucks Foundation is a Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization under U.S. law.

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