San Francisco Rally Recap!


Armed with resolve and a grip of Ignite Change tees, Sevenly reps headed to San Francisco last week to talk about bullying in the workplace at a rally outside of ThirdLove headquarters. 

The morning of October 3, while the company’s CEO David Spector was being deposed downtown, Sevenly’s World-Changers took to the streets with This Saves Lives bars and Blue Bottle Cold Brew to talk with staff and public about what’s been going on behind the scenes of this company marketed as “by women, for women”. As people stopped to talk, they repeatedly confirmed the importance of this social cause inside the office environment. They also expressed how as consumers, they wanted more transparency and less marketing jargon, especially when companies set themselves apart as exceptional and different. 

Over the course of the day, they talked to politicians, firefighters, tourists, tons of business people, and the security manager of a popular denim brand who was incredibly polite and curious. Each was grateful for Sevenly’s operation to raise awareness… and a little caffeine with their tee shirts.  A couple of conversations stood out as most important to earmark.

Two women noticed the posters with David Spector front and center and wanted to know what was up! Each shared that they previously left successful jobs in the fashion industry to work at FirstLove. They felt that positions at the woman forward company would be a rare opportunity to work in fashionandcontribute to change in the marketplace. Instead, what they found was an organization with a dictator running the show. One of the women said that she knew within the first week that she’d made the worst decision of her career. She’d moved out of state to with the best of intentions and high expectations but was trapped. It took her6 months to find another job.

Ultimately, everyone who came by had a story to tell about themselves, or someone they knew, who experienced individual versions of bullying in the workplace. One gentleman pointed out that for real change, he thought many companies simply needed to go back to the drawing board to create respectful, creative environments. We at Sevenly agree!

This first event is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more to the ThirdLove story coming as they answer they answer the legal charges and public outcry for transparency…andmore opportunities for activism. If YOU have a personal experience, please share! Real World-Change takes place when we lift the veil and demand new paradigms and policies. Stay tuned to stay informed!


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