National Children's Dental Month - Global Smile Foundation


This week at Sevenly,Global Smile Foundation is our cause partner of the week. It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month so we want to tell you about this incredible organization if they are new to you and give you an update about their most recent work if you are a long time supporter.

To support the Global Smile Foundation (GSF)visit their collection HERE.

The patients that visit the Global Smile teams come for surgery to repair their cleft lips or palates. Their world-class care providers understand that they also need complementary care for an optimal outcome. In addition to smile-saving surgery, patients may also need pre-surgery dental orthopedics and other dental care, feeding and nutritional counseling, speech therapy, and psychosocial support.

Global Smile is also dedicated to empowering health-care professionals at the mission sites with the knowledge, skills, and resources to continue care for patients and their families during the months between missions. They do not just provide surgery, but also all of the care needed for patients to heal and have the best opportunity for a full life.

Each member of Global Smile’s all-volunteer teams is the best in their field, bringing first-class care to the developing world. Their administrative team is staffed by volunteers and guided by a few GSF Employees. You can be confident that your donation is put to its best possible use with over 93% of donations going directly toward medical mission expenses.

On January 10-19th of this year, GSF returned to San Salvador, El Salvador for their 17th mission. Their team of volunteers spent 10 days at Benjamin Bloom Hospital where they screened patients, performed surgeries and dental procedures, and conducted speech therapy sessions. Here is what they were able to accomplish -

  • 68 Patients Screened
  • 138 Dental Procedures
  • 53 Speech Therapy Sessions
  • 28 Total Surgeries

Jose Alejandro’s story is a stunning example of what is possible with GSF. Jose’s mom was very surprised when her son was born with both a cleft lip and palate. He was difficult to feed as is the case with most babies with his diagnosis and his parents worried about his health and well-being. They learned of GSF at the hospital where Jose was born and brought him to see them in 2019. Global Smile’s team did separate surgeries to repair his cleft lip first and then his palate. You can see the incredible result, but the most important success is that he will be able to grow and speak along with other kids during his childhood!

Sevenly has lots of original products that donate to Global Smile’s medical missions intheir Collection, but we are adding, even more, this week! Follow along with our emails and social media to see the latest styles and graphics and help us to support this world-changing organization. These amazing kids and their families will thank you!

To support the Global Smile Foundation (GSF)visit their collectionHERE.



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