Introducing A New Cause Partner Spectrum Laboratory!


This weekend we are introducing a brand new cause partner at Sevenly in celebration of their 5th anniversary, Spectrum Laboratory. 

The mission of Spectrum Laboratory is to empower autistic and neurodivergent artists to fulfill their passions and dreams. They prepare student artists for employment in the entertainment industry by offering mentorships and training through their own creations of film, music, and animation. They illuminate diversity and tell inspiring stories to help break down the inclusion barrier. They also provide education and collaborative experiences with entertainment professionals, teaching social and professional skills for success in the entertainment industry. 

Doesn’t this sound like a cause you want to get behind!?

They have been hit hard, like many nonprofits this year, and are trying to raise funds, plus promote inclusion, acceptance, and awareness for those with disabilities. They want to spread the love and share all of the magic that is created at Spectrum Laboratory, continuing to help their student’s voices be heard! They hope to grow into a worldwide organization that will help neurodivergent, autistic, and others with special needs all around the world!

They are hosting an online fundraiser so we have put together a collection for them on the site. Each of the items has unique art produced by their very own students! Every purchase will generate essential funds that will go far to enrich these young people’s lives and our world. You can also buy tickets for their Spec Fest on their website!


Here Is A Preview Of Their Wonderful New Movie BOYS DON'T WEAR DRESSES:



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