International Left Handers Day

August 13 is International Left-Handers Day recognizing individuals everywhere who have mastered using their left hand in this right-handed world. We take our hats off to you – left-handed of course!

 Just about 10% of the population are “southpaws”. Scientists haven’t determined why a person develops left-handedness. It’s more likely a child will be left-handed if one parent is a lefty, and identical twins always have one left-hander in the pair.

 It used to be expected that parents of left-handed children force them to use their right hands. In the eyes of right-handers, the predominant use of the left hand seemed mysterious or evil. Parents feared their communities might shun their children. Today, we have learned to celebrate left-handed people for their unique abilities and perspectives.

 There are so many famous left-handed World-Changers, Oprah, Julia Roberts, Mark Zuckerburg, even Michaelangelo. It’s safe to say that the Mona Lisa & Sistine Chapel would not exist without the amazing abilities of an amazing lefty.

Left-Handers Day recognizes the uncommon individuals who throw, catch, write and eat with their left hand. Their slightly different view of the world is a boon for us all. 

Let’s celebrate that Different Is Beautiful today and every day!




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