Hurricane Dorian Update

World-Changers, we want to let you know that Sevenly’s CEO and other team members are on evacuation alert along with many family members and neighbors in South Carolina and Georgia. We want to provide information to keep you up to date and let you know how you can support others during this difficult time.

Hurricane Dorian’s massive flooding across the Bahamas Monday, shredded roofs, hurled cars through the air and even forced rescue crews attempting to provide assistance to take shelter. National Hurricane Center said that late this afternoon, the winds fell to 145 mph, down from an incredible 185 mph just hours earlier. 

Storm surges in some places caused water to raise more than 20 feet above normal. Authorities directed people to find floating devices as the storm triggered major flooding in Grand Bahama Island. Dorian was ripping off roofs, overturning cars and tearing down power lines as People sought shelter in schools, churches, and shelters while Dorian removed roofs, downed power lines, and whipped around cars.

At this time The Hurricane Center is still forecasting that Hurricane Dorian could remain just off the U.S. coast as it makes its way up the seaboard, but evacuations have been ordered many for parts of Florida and both the Georgia and South Carolina coasts.

According toThe Associated Press, Dorian tied the record for the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever to come ashore in the Bahamas, equaling the Labor Day hurricane of 1935, before storms were named. Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis says that at least five people were killed in Abaco and much assistance with be needed for the affected communities.

Please join Sevenly in staying abreast development and join us in sending support to first responders.





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