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Why do children who write poetry do better in school? It’s simple. Poetry allows children to express themselves in a non-academic, creative way that is emotionally enriching. In poems, a girl can imagine she lives in a snowflake and a boy can crash into a rainbow. Children reveal their deepest thoughts, hopes, and dreams in poetry; they write about sadness and cures for sadness, about divorce and autumn and growing up.
During April, the nation honors literary art with National Poetry Month. In this issue of Poetry Matters, you’ll find stories about the excellent work our poet-teachers do all year long, in over 1000 classrooms a year. Enjoy the featured poems, stories, and the many accomplishments of our students and teachers.
California Poets in the Schools continues to bring our award-winning poetry writing instruction to over 26,000 students a year.

Third-grader Letizia Oetker of Los Angeles County wrote, “My poems are like wheels / taking me where I want.”
Let the journey begin!
Erica Goss
Editor, Poetry Matters


California Poets in the Schools

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