Bullying Beyond The Schoolyard

A compelling and important article was posted on Vox earlier this week saying that the internet darling ThirdLove, with “by women, for women” as its motto, actually runs in a way quite contrary to feminist ideals. In fact, Vox says, “Turmoil and “bullying” at bra startup ThirdLove led much of the team managing the company’s image to quit in 2018.”

THIRDLOVE.COM Instagram Post

Recently, some ThirdLove employees have come out to say that when they took jobs at the company, they expected company policies to reflect their woman forward marketing. Instead, they found lower than industry standard pay, expectations for long work hours, and less than generous benefits. 

This brings to light an important issue in the modern workplace, bullying. Just when we thought we had left the childhood bullies behind, they seem to show up again! The problem is compounded when they are our bosses and employers.  Bullying can be especially pervasive in start-ups where employees are asked to sacrifice for the greater good of the new company but gain nothing when it succeeds. 

Benjamin says in her article, “Many women saw ThirdLove’s marketing and believed it was a “different” type of startup. Several employees who joined in recent years said they did so because they believed ThirdLove was a female-run company with an important mission and an empowering environment. When they arrived, they were surprised to find Zak’s husband and co-CEO, David Spector, highly involved in their day-to-day work, with a management style described as “condescending” and “bullying.” This about-face was compounded by company norms — don’t negotiate your salary, don’t leave before 6 pm, don’t work from home, don’t skip a happy hour — that felt out of sync with the brand’s external image.”

Finish the article here, at The Goods by Vox

Jezebel adds insight into other women forward companies where bullying happens behind closed doors in their article.

When Sevenly illuminates an issue, we also like to offer a way to support an organization that is working to make a change, “World-Changers”. This week we are highlighting our cause partner ATHENA International. Established in 1999,ATHENAPowerLink is a national mentoring program that connects selected women business owners with a skilled advisory panel. 


Visit their Women’s Achievement collection at Sevenly! 








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