Be Kind To Humankind Touch A Heart Tuesday

Today forBe Kind To Humankind Week, Sevenly is highlighting our In The Heart Graphic. 

 “The Best And Most Beautiful Things In The World Cannot Be Seen Nor Touched But Are Felt In The Heart.”


This design was inspired by the wise words of Helen Keller. The feeling of happiness when we can make someone smile, or the gratitude we feel from making a difference are gifts that can only be felt in the heart! Proceeds from this graphic donate 7% to The American Heart Association.

Today is Touch A Heart Tuesday. Read these lovely and loving suggestions

Take the opportunity to show your love towards others. Just like the old 60’s tune goes “Put a little love in your heart”, and this stands very true even to this day. After all, love is eternal and a little bit of love goes a long way.


  • Be an ENCOURAGER rather than a DISCOURAGER
  • Offer to babysit for friends/family one night so they can go out on a “date”.
  • Tell those that you love, “I love you”.
  • Mail an uplifting card to someone down in the dumps.
  • Show your care and interest in a person who’s pouring out their guts to you.
  • Be a good listener. Don’t jump to offer advice- just listen.
  • Make a pot of homemade chicken soup for someone who is too sick to cook.
  • Don’t hesitate to offer a compliment.
  • Write a letter to a special someone.
  • Give a call to an elderly relative to just say “Hi”.
  • Volunteer at a hospital or nursing home.
  • When you offer to help a person in their time of need, don’t say “If there is anything I can do, just call” because most of the time they will not call you. Instead, follow up on your offer by contacting them personally to offer your assistance.






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