A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

We are betting you already know that today is the opening of A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood! This highly anticipated movie shows how journalist Tom Junrod’s life was enriched by a special friendship when he takes on an assignment profiling Fred Rogers. The movie is based on their real-life friendship, shining a new light on this beloved world-changer.

There is a lot that was special about Mister Rogers, but we think you’ll agree that one of his best qualities was that he chose to change the world with kindness instead of hate. The most powerful protests challenge people to evaluate their thoughts and values rather than defend them! Fred Rogers was an example of this each day as he exposed kids, and their parents too, to look at the world and our neighbors with more awareness, compassion, and love.

Maybe the most beautiful example of this was when Mister Rogers invited Officer Clemmons, a black police officer, to cool his feet in a kiddie pool during episode 1065 airing May 9, 1969. Though the era of segregation in the US was over, black citizens were still not embraced as equal in many communities. Much work remained for actual equality.

This was reflected at places like community pools across our country, with whites preventing their black neighbors from sharing the water with them. Rather than protest, Mister Rogers simply sat down and placed his feet in the water along with Officer Clemmons. This world-changing act of kindness broke a well-known color barrier that people all across the country witnessed!

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