7 Days of Sevenly Cause Partner Tech Wellness

Tech Wellness exists to empower individuals to live a more balanced, safe, and secure life in our digital world. They are our featured cause partner for day 5 of the Seven Days of Sevenly.

Their founder August Brice says, “If you're like me and a clean, green and toxin-free home is important to you, then we're aligned. There's organic in my fridge, natural cleaners under the sink and beautiful organic lotions, essential oils, makeup and sunscreen on my skin. Embracing the concept of being mindful about the technology in my environment is just part of my healthy lifestyle and I'm so honored to be able to share my research, my experience and my solutions with you.”

August and her team are passionate about providing solutions for living safely with technology rather than having to abandon the tech that makes our lives easy. They offer solutions for three main tech toxins: Addiction, Radiation and Blue Light, and Privacy Stealers. Their videos, podcasts, guides, and products will all help you sleep better, and live with fewer headaches and anxiety. They even have free screensavers each Saturday on their Instagram that remind you to use your devices wisely.

Today’s 7 Days of Sevenly gift, FREE with any purchase is Tech Wellness’ most popular graphic Real Life Over Likes. When you shop the Tech Wellness Collection for holiday gifts, you are helping share more privacy, peace of mind, and wellness! A timely, world-changing message indeed.

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