Sevenly Takes the Mocha Challenge

As coffee lovers here at Sevenly HQ, we know firsthand how difficult it can be to go without that fresh cup of joe in the morning. As soon as we learned how much of an impact that money could have on orphaned children in Africa, mornings became much better!

The Power Of A Mocha

Have you heard of Mocha Club? It's a community of members who are passionate about making small sacrifices to create a big impact. By giving a small amount every month – the cost of a few mochas – these individuals come together to support the leaders in African communities whose ideas, strength and faith are truly transforming their communities. In the end, they strive for independent, sustainable efforts that originated right in the communities they serve.

Each purchase here will help care for orphaned children living at Mocha Club’s Lizulu Orphan Care Project in Malawi, Africa. You will help provide clothing, healthcare, and food to equip communities to care for their own orphans. At the Lizulu Orphan Care Project, children live with families so that they are included in daily life. These families are then supported by local resource centers that assist with food, clothing, blankets, spiritual guidance, education, and medical care.

Because of the power of a mocha, lives will be transformed and orphaned children will grow up with loving families!

We Challenge YOU!

After realizing the impact such small sacrifices can make, the Sevenly team decided to challenge ourselves for a bigger purpose. For each mocha our staff drinks this week, we are matching the dollar amount and putting it in a coffee mug. At the end of the week, the funds collected will be donated to Mocha Club! Each sip is a reminder that there are lives across the globe that can be changed in a BIG way, if we come together to make small sacrifices.

Now we are challenging YOU! Grab your favorite coffee mug and put it out on your kitchen counter. For every cup of coffee, latte, or mocha you purchase this week, drop in a few bucks. Then share the idea with a friend and tell them about the unique way that Mocha Club is changing lives.

The giving doesn’t have to stop there – Shop our collection for Mocha Club and find your favorite design! Each purchase makes a difference. 


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