5 Simple Ways to Show that People Matter


When is the last time that you made an effort to brighten another person’s day? I want to challenge you to make every day a day of intention. People truly do matter, and it is time to spread this compassion to all who may not feel that they are important or valued. There are so many simple ways to show kindness, and you never know what kind of an impact an effortless act may have on another.

Here are five simple ways to show that People Matter:

1) Send a genuine compliment or “pat on the back” to someone via social media.

Checking our Instagram and Facebook accounts is something that most of us do daily, so to open the app and see some words of encouragement could be a pleasant surprise they weren’t expecting.

2) Collect all your spare change and donate your collection to a charity of your choice.

Speaking from personal experience, I have change more places than I can count. If you really took the time to collect it, or let your spare change from each day build up, you’d be surprised how much you can give! Every little bit counts, and if this is the only way you can give, then you are off to a great start.

3) Offer a homeless person your leftovers from a restaurant.

Let's be real, they will just sit in your fridge for days anyways. Extending this act of kindness to a homeless person who has no clue where their next meal is coming from is not only kind, but life-changing!

4) Send a Thank You note to someone who has impacted your life.

When was the last time you received a thank you card for simply being you? Imagine the impact something so simple can have. Reminding others that they are important and valued is a gift that money cannot buy.

5) Smile at someone passing you on the street, just because.

A warm, genuine smile can legitimately turn someone’s day around. Try it sometime, it’s contagious and you might be the beginning of a brighter day for people all around you.

Don’t stop here! There are thousands of ways to shine light into a world of darkness and hate. Even wearing a Sevenly shirt could start a conversation that inspires others to help those around them.

How are you making a difference in the lives of others?
I would love to hear about your ideas for random acts of kindness!


Until next time world changers,