• “Guys. If you haven’t heard of Sevenly yet, check them out! Such rad stuff for good causes."


  • “As a small business, it is so inspiring to find companies that mirror your personal beliefs. Sevenly is one of those very inspiring companies... They are changing the world. Like me, they believe that every person matters. They believe in human rights. They believe that it doesn’t matter who you are, you are loved and special. They believe in helping the lost and the broken. They believe in providing opportunities to those who wouldn’t be afforded them... I have loved this company for a couple years now and even more, I love the lives they are changing. Go check them out!"


  • “Their organization is built around the simple idea that “People Matter.” I got one of my favorite shirts from them a few months back – it’s funny how a shirt can represent so much. Whenever I wear my “Love Courageously” tee, I am reminded that in order to help people feel like they matter, we have to be willing to be brave, to be different, and to be relentless. I believe that this generation wants to be a part of meaningful, inspiring stories and Sevenly is one of those brands that creates goodness with every item they sell.. thanks for making purposeful products and putting people before profit.”


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