Frequently Asked Questions

Please review these questions before submitting an email to our customer support. If you do not find the answer you are looking for please shoot us an email.

What is Sevenly?

Sevenly is a weekly cause activation platform cause marketplace that raises money for the world’s greatest causes through the selling of unique and exclusive products. Some have even called us a cause crowdfunding platform. Every week (7 days) we partner with a new non-profit organization, raising funding and awareness that these organizations desperately need, and we create unique art and limited edition products that we sell exclusively on our website Sevenly.org for 7 days. For every product sold, we give that week’s non-profit organization $7. For example, if we sold 1,000 products, Sevenly would donate $7,000.

Why does Sevenly give $7 and not more?

As a for-profit social good company, we like to maintain a high level of transparency. People ask all the time, "why only $7?". So here is the official answer. $7.00 per sale is more than 25% of our total revenue (all products combined) which is extremely high for a for-profit company. It's actually so high, that the IRS didn’t even have a category for for-profit companies that give at this rate. Lastly, we would like to be clear, we do give $7.00 for every product sold. Not 6.99. Not $7.00 minus expenses. We give $7.00 cash, every time. Below is what the rest of our revenue is used for.

What does the rest of the money go towards?

As with any company, for-profit or non-profit, we have operating expenses. Here is a quick run-down on what other dollars go towards: Blank Tees & Hoodies (fair trade), Screen Printing Cost, Shipping & Handling Costs, Cause Cards, Shipping Bags, Garment Labels, Folding & Bagging Fees, Payroll, Rent at our Headquarters, Utilities, Marketing Costs, Legal and Accounting Fees, Artist Fees, Office Supplies, Office Furniture (desks, chairs, etc.), Computers, and many other costs that go into running a successful organization. Our co-founder has said many times, "Giving is critical to our success and we love doing it, but if we don’t remain profitable while doing so, we will be unable to give in the future, and people will suffer."

Where Can I See a Size Chart for Clothing?

Since most of our shirts do run differently in size, (ex. boyfriend tee vs racerback), we highly suggest taking a look at our size chart for each item before purchasing the product. The size chart can be found in a tab below the main image of the product you are interested in.

Does your apparel shrink?

Our women's shirts are pre-shrunk but our men's shirts do shrink between 3-4% which is less than the industry standard (8%) For more information on how your shirt will fit view our size chart. However, if you want them to shrink as little as possible, we recommend washing your wearable Sevenly products in cold water and hanging them to dry. If for some reason you want your product to shrink a lot, then wash them in hot water and dry them in the dryer on high. The normal routine of wash cold, dry low should be just fine for those who are used to washing their tees in the washer and dryer.

Where are your products made and printed?

Our apparel and vendor items come from all over the world. Please check each product's page individually to get details about the item you are interested in.

What is Sevenly’s driving force?

We believe people matter. We have found that there is no greater calling than to provide, heal, rescue, and serve the others. Ultimately, our desire is to move a generation toward generosity and an intentional love for others. Our overall purpose is driven from this verse found in the book of Matthew 22:36-40.

Who designs your art?

All Sevenly art is designed by the Sevenly art team. Sevenly only hires the world’s most elite, cause focused, artists that believe the power of art can change the world..

Is your website secure?

Sevenly takes website security issues very seriously and uses the latest industry-standard SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption to protect your personal information. Please notice the small pad-lock icon in the locked position that will appear in the lower- right corner or upper-right corner of your browser during each of the pages of the checkout process.

What is your privacy policy?

Your personal information is safe with Sevenly. View our full privacy policy now

How much does shipping cost?

For orders within the Continental U.S., the S&H rate is $5.99 for standard USPS/UPS/FedEx. All International orders are a flat rate fee of $8.99 S&H.

If I order multiple products, do they ship in one package?

Did you order more than one item? If so, thanks! You're awesome. It's important to know that we ship your entire order in one package. Depending on the items you have purchased, your package may or may not be shipped in the same package. Most like-sized items will ship together, but if your package is split-shipped, you will receive two shipping confirmations via the email you registered at the time of purchase.

Why is Sevenly a for-profit company and not a non-profit?

What many people don't realize is the very intricate guidelines, stipulations, and requirements to operate as a non-profit. Our initial choice was to go this direction, but after legal and financial consulting, we had realized our model could actually give just as much with less restriction as a for-profit company. As a for profit, we have more freedom in giving internationally, investing in developing communities, and more agility to move money quickly to the people who need it.

How long does it take to get my cause apparel?

Once your order is placed they are printed on the following Monday at 11 AM PST and usually shipped by Wednesday at 3:45 PM PST. Time in transit for shipping from our warehouse to your front door can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on where your product is being shipped. Rest assured, your order is printed just for you, and ships hot off the press!

What happened to last week's designs?

Each Design is specific to a given week’s cause or charity goes up for sale on each Monday at 10 AM PST. After 7 days, that these designs is are gone. And when we say, "gone", we mean FOR - EV - ER. So, if you see a cause you want to support or a design you like, and it hasn't reached Monday at 10 AM PST, you better get one faster than a parent buys the last toy on Christmas Eve!

So, what time do the new designs go up for sale each week?

Monday mornings at 10 AM PST sharp. For all of you non-west coasters that would be, 11 AM Mountain Time, 12 PM Central Time and 1 PM EST.

What Quality of Apparel do you guys print on?

We print on high-quality, tag-less, apparel that are made of either 100% ringspun cotton, poly/cotton mix, poly/cotton/viscose, or tri-blend fabric. The fit is awesome, and they are way too comfortable for words! You just have to experience them for yourself!

Can I exchange my Apparel for another size?

Due to the fact that Sevenly apparel is limited edition and printed to each specific order, we do not keep a stock of past designs. Therefore, exchanges will not be granted if you order the wrong size. Make sure you thoroughly research, check, double check, and ask plenty of questions to make sure that you are ordering the correct fit.

How is your apparel printed?

We print all of our apparel using top of the line screen-printing processes with water based inks and sometimes plastisol inks, to make finer details pop out from a garment. Not the good ol' 1980's cracked-plastic-on-your-chest screen prints!

How do I purchase a Gift Card?

Sevenly offers virtual gift cards that you can email to friends and family. Once purchased, the recipient will receive an email with the Gift Card code to be used at checkout

How does the $7 donation work with Gift Cards?

Sevenly donates $7 when the Gift Card is used to make a purchase, allowing the recipient to choose the charity they would like to support. This donation works the same as if the customer purchased via credit card or Paypal, donating $7 for each item ordered.

How can I check the balance of my Gift Card?

Add any item to your shopping cart, then use the "Check Gift Card" function in the "Gift Card Code" box when on the shopping cart page.